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Markup Factory is the simple, yet powerful website management system for today’s web designer.

Template Engine

A Warm and Friendly Template Engine, Created to Accept Your Code, Your Style.

Template Engine

Simple and Flexible

We think you, as a designer, should be able to design and code HTML and CSS any way you like. That's why we've designed our template engine to accomodate any design and layout you can dream up. Simply layout your HTML and CSS the way you normally do, then upload it into Markup Factory.

  • Create Multiple Templates
    Assign different templates to different pages
  • Organize your Template Code
    Organize your code using nested templates and snippets
  • Create Dynamic Templates
    The powerful and elegant scripting engine, MFScript, allows you to dynamically assemble your output based on system variables, page addresses, and more.

Advanced Scripting Engine

If you're like us, you enjoy being able to quickly put together a dynamic website. That's why we've included an onboard scripting engine that you can invoke from within any template, snippet or page to quickly assemble an advanced website filled with dynamic content pulled from all of the places that Markup Factory stores your data. If you understand the basics of HTML, you'll have no trouble picking our scripting engine up to produce your masterpiece.

Code Snippets

Markup Factory also provides a variety of pre-coded functions and snippets that allow you to add dynamic features to your template. We've coded these snippets according to industry best practices, using microformats whenever possible, and also provide you the capacity to fully customize the output of these functions using Dynamic Snippets.


The Template Engine is included with all Markup Factory accounts and can be used to manage a unified dynamic template that is applied to all of the content throughout your website.

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