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System Overview

An Overview of Markup Factory

The Markup Factory Content Management System provides an extensive and robust set of tools for creating and managing your website.  With Markup Factory, you can produce clean compliant code for a simple informational website or build a feature rich online interactive communications portal.  The base Markup Factory system is ideal for organizations of any size to create a high end website that affords the ability to distribute the task of updating and managing content on the site to the individuals responsible for such content.  The administrative tools are easy to use and require no special software and an intuitive learning curve.  By adding optional Markup Factory modules to your website, your organization can quickly and easily add rich functionality as required to make your website more engaging to your audience. The Markup Factory development team continually strives to keep the pulse of the world wide web and to make available additional features and modules for you as the world wide web evolves.

We at Markup Factory believe in the the roll of the web designer in the process of creating great websites. A designer's task is to understand the audience and purpose of the website and to create a look and feel that engages the audience and allows each visitor to accomplish the purpose for which he or she is visiting the site.  We also believe in the role of the individuals within the organization in creating and publishing relevant content on the website.  Markup Factory was built for harmonious use by the web designer and the content publishers.  Rarely are these individuals the same person.  The goal of Markup Factory is to provide the best environment for web designers to create beautifully designed and coded website templates that can be used by content contributors to publish content in a valid and accessible format.

Markup Factory Developer Guide

We've created several downloadable developer guides that include some of the basics that you as a designer need to know to create your custom designed website using the Markup Factory web publishing platform.

Please note that there is much more detailed documentation on this website documenting Markup Factory features in greater detail.

Activating Additional Features

Your Markup Factory account will have a certain number of features active, depending on which plan you've signed up for.  You may activate or deactivate additional features on your Markup Factory account at any time. You can find an overview of the features currently active for your account by clicking the "My Account" link at the top of any administration page. Here you can activate or deactivate functionality for your account.

Account Preferences

The account preferences page enables you to specify personal preferences for use within the system. Each user can specify editing preferences, dashboard preferences, and personal information such as email account, name, etc.

Domain Names

With any paid account, you can configure your Markup Factory website to be available at a custom URL. You can do this either by purchasing a new domain name via the Markup Factory domain name console or by configuring your existing domain name to point to the Markup Factory servers. The required settings for pointing your domain name to our servers is available in your site administration area under the domain name configuration section.

System Settings

The system settings pages allow you to configure different settings that will affect the overall operation of the website. This includes specifying the template that be applied to each system generated page and module, form spam protection settings, SSL settings, and others.

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