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Publish your Audio and Video in a Podcast.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is a method of publishing and distributing audio or video content to subscribers via the internet. Podcasts are used frequently by churches, authors, videographers, bloggers, and mass media companies. Many individuals also publish their own podcast. Podcasts are often listened to or watched on iPods and other personal MP3 players. Using the Markup Factory Podcast feature, you can easily start and publish a Podcast even if you don't know anything about HTML or website publishing.

To learn more about Podcasts, visit these helpful links:

Creating a Podcast

Creating a Podcast in Markup Factory is easy. In the "Podcast" section of your administration, click "Publish New Podcast". Once the podcast has been started, note the RSS feed URL for the podcast. You should make this URL available to users on your website with instructions on how to subscribe to your podcast.

After your podcast has been started, you will need to add episodes to it.

Publishing a New Episode

To publish a new podcast episode, you will need just a few things.

You should make sure you audio or video file meets specifications. For spoken word audio, we recommend the following specifications:

  • 48 Kbps Bitrate
  • Mono Audio
  • MP3 format

For music or high fidelity audio, it may be appropriate to publish at a higher bit rate or in stereo.

Once you've prepared the audio for your podcast, click "new episode" next to the podcast that you wish to add a new episode to. Fill out the accompanying form and select the audio file from your desktop, then click "Save Episode".

Making your Podcast available on iTunes

It is easy to make your Podcast available in the iTunes store. After submitting your podcast to iTunes, it will be found by users searching podcasts in iTunes. For specific instructions on submitting your podcast to iTunes, visit this instructional page on the Apple website.

You can also register your podcast with other podcast directories including:


You can use Markup Factory functions to display podcast episode links in the content of your website. Visit the Template Engine documentation to learn more about how to do this.

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